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TeleFactura is a BSS OSS Telecom billing and Radius AAA software platform. The solution can be used for voice, voip, mobile and data billing, call accounting and rating, data mediation, account reconciliation, Telecoms auditing. It’s ideally suited to any company needing a full-featured solution to manage and control the call access of their voice and data users. TeleFactura offers two main versions: TeleFactura Billing with advanced reporting features to bill database-driven, text file or HTTP-based CDR data and TeleFactura Engine, TekRADIUS server to give full telecom Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting capability, prepaid billing along with all the standard features offered by TeleFactura Billing.

A detailed set of data sheets of our Telecoms billing solution and CRM can be downloaded below:

Suggested network configuration that shows how our various solutions can be integrated:

Telecom data sheets network diagram