By clicking a download link, you consent to respective software license agreement. You must uninstall existing version and delete installation directory of TekRADIUS in order to upgrade from a version prior to 4.8.1.

Uninstallation Instructions
  • Extract contents of distribution zip file file to a temporary directory, run Setup.exe from the distribution to install. Uninstall previous version if you upgrade from an earlier version.
  • Double click program icon at "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel to uninstall.

KaplanSoft security and privacy policy.
ProductFreeware limitationsVersion
Download TekRADIUS
(License agreement)
Following features are not supported in the freeware mode. (This edition supports MS SQL databases)
  • EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-SIM and LEAP authentication methods for EAP
  • NTLM authentication for MS-CHAP authentication methods (Authentication of Windows domain users)
  • Active Directory msRADIUSFramedIPAddress attribute and Dial-in / Verify Called-Id support
  • Regular Expression based attribute matching
  • OTP (One Time Password, RFC 2289)
  • Dynamic IP address assignment using local IP pools or a DHCP server
  • Send email notifications for user events
  • TLS Transport (RFC 6614) authentication
  • OCSP Stapling for EAP authentication methods
  • Audit log
  • SP
  • Enterprise features
  • VoIP billing
  • HTTP reporting and user management interface
  • Google Authenticator support
  • Alphanumeric RADIUS client entry
  • Specifying free usage periods for users
  • IPv6 support
  • Custom encryption module
  • Sending Packet of Disconnect (PoD), Change of Authorization (CoA), or executing user defined session kill command when a user consumes all credit
  • Near quota limit warning
Download TekRADIUS LT
(License agreement)
Same as TekRADIUS (This edition supports SQLite database)5.8.0
Download TekRADIUS OD
(License agreement)
Same as TekRADIUS (This edition supports MySQL, MariaDB, PostgeSQL and Oracle databases through ODBC)5.8.0
Download TekSIP
(License agreement)
Freeware version allows maximum 3 SIP endpoints registration and 3 simultaneous SIP sessions. Enterprise license allows upto 100 simultaneous registration and SIP sessions. Following features are not supported in freeware mode;
  • SDP Manipulation
  • TLS Transport
  • SMPP Gateway
  • SP
  • Enterprise features
  • External Authenticator
  • SRTP -> RTP interworking
  • WebRTC Media Gateway
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous SIP registrations and sessions
  • Route incoming calls to registered extensions
  • IPv6 support
Download TekIVR
(License agreement)
Freeware version allows maximum 2 simultaneous SIP calls. MRCPv2 proxy feature requires a commercial license.2.7.5
Download TekFax
(License agreement)
Freeware version supports receiving maximum 2 fax pages.1.9.5
Download TekConSer
(License agreement)
Freewware mode of TekConSer supports maximum 3 peers per conference.1.6.5
Download SipCLI
(License agreement)
Freeware mode of SipCLI supports maximum 3 second of playout and maximum 3 different actions in scenario definitions. Following features require a commercial license;
  • Unlimited duration for media playout
  • Multi-instance running on a single machine
  • Inband DTMF detection
  • SIP INFO method for DMTF delivery
  • SRTP
  • TCP & TLS transports
  • SIP Registration
Download SIPob
(License agreement)
Freeware mode of SIPob supports maximum 3 second of playout. Freeware mode can make only a single call at a time.1.3.7
Download TekCERT
(License agreement)
Freeware mode of TekCERT supports only sha-1withRSAEncryption key algorithm and cannot generate certificates valid for more than 30 days. sha256withRSAEncryption, sha385withRSAEncryption, sha512withRSAEncryption key algorithms, Let's Encrypt certificate signing, and time stamping command line options require a commercial license. OCSP/SCEP responder service is enabled with SP license.2.7.7
Download TekTape
(License agreement)
Freeware mode of TekTape supports maximum 3 minutes of monitoring.2.4.6
Download ARPMiner
(License agreement)
Freeware license allows maximum 5 simultaneous user sessions. Following features are not supported in freeware mode;
  • RADIUS authentication & authorization
  • IP address blacking listing on authentication failures.
  • Sponsored authorization.
    • SP
      • Enterprise features
      • RADIUS accounting
      • PPP encryption in PPPoE server
      • DNS Proxy
Download TekENUM
(License agreement)
Freeware mode allows maximum 4 digits length matching.1.4.4
Download TekSIP Route Server
(License agreement)
Freeware mode allows maximum 4 digits length matching.1.4.3
Download TekOTP
(License agreement)
Download Tekaba
License agreement)
Freeware version allows only one simultanous call.1.3.5
Download TekPhone
(License agreement)
Download TelCLI
(License agreement)
Freeware version supports maximum 3 actions in scenarios and runs only one instance at a time.1.2.3
Download SMPPCli
(License agreement)
Freeware mode of SMPPCli limits text message with 10 characters and can be run only one instance at a time.1.3.7
Download TekWiFi
(License agreement)
Download TekSMTP
(License agreement)
Freeware version allow one rule set with maximum 5 rules. Following features are not supported in freeware mode;
  • SPF, DKIM signing and signature validation
  • Anti-SPAM Features
  • Quarantine IP addresses
  • Whitelisting
Download ENUM Resolver
(License agreement)
Download TekRecorder
(License agreement)

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