TekTape is an audio recorder and call detail records (CDR) generator for Windows (Vista, 7/8/10, 2003-2016 Server).


  • Simple, easy to use HTTP interface.
  • Real time monitoring of SIP calls.
  • Recording of audio streams of SIP calls. Recorded calls are saved in 16 bits, 8 Khz mono format wave files.
  • Support for TZSP (TaZmen Sniffer Protocol).
  • CDR generation for monitored calls. TekTape also creates CDR for failed calls.
  • Real time listening of audio for a selected SIP call and call termination.
  • TLS decoding with SRTP decryption for SIP calls.
  • TekTape can record audio conversations between Lync endpoints if Lync server certificate with its private key is installed on to TekTape installed system.
  • Supported codes are G.711 A-mu Law, G.722, G.729 and GSM.
  • Multi-site recording support.


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