TelCLI System Requirements

  • A Windows system with at least 2 GB of RAM.
  • Microsoft.NET Framework v4.0 (Min.)

Installing and Uninstalling

To install TelCLI, create a directory, extract to that directory. To uninstall TelCLI, simply remove the installation directory.


Run TelCLI from command line with the destination host address:
TelCLI Command Line Parameters
Command line switches;

  -u : Username
        -p : Password
        -r : TELNET port
        -t : Command timeout in seconds
        -s : Absolute path of scenario file (See "Custom Scenarios")
             Sample :
             C:\TelCLI\TelCLI.exe -u admin -s "C:\TelCLI\scenario.txt"
	     You don't have to use double quotes for files in the working directory.

Custom Scenarios

TelCLI supports automated tasks defined in scenario scripts. You can execute scenarios defined in scenario files. Scenario files are text files consists of following sections and parameters. Scenario files consists of actions lines. There are two types of actions; "Send" and "Wait". "Send" type action sends User defined string to the remote host by appending carriage return to the string. "Wait" type action waits for user defined string to sent by remote host. You can display or hide sent or received string by setting last field of action definition ("yes" or "no"). You can use username and password specified in the command line as variables in action definitions:

    "terminal length 0","send","no"
    "sh run","send","no"

Data in every field must surrounded by double quotes.

Sample session output;

    C:\TelCLI>telcli -u root -p root -s "C:\TelCLI\scenario.txt"

    User Access Verification

    AS5300#terminal length 0
    AS5300#sh run
    Building configuration...

    Current configuration : 12619 bytes
    version 12.4
    service timestamps debug datetime msec
    service timestamps log datetime msec
    no service password-encryption
    hostname AS5300
    no boot startup-test

Freeware version supports maximum 3 actions in scenarios and runs only one instance at a time.

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