TekENUM System Requirements

  • A Windows system with at least 2 GB of RAM.
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile (Min.)
  • 10 MBytes of disk space for installation.

Installing and Uninstalling

Please see Installation Manual which can be found in the application directory for configuration details and operation;

  1. Run TekENUM Manager from Start Menu / Program Files / TekENUM.
  2. You can define resource records or routes for a particular E.164 number or a prefix in "Routing" tab. Enter a phone number prefix to bottom leftmost textbox and click "Add Route" button.
    You can have also a default route entry. TekENUM chooses longest match prefix route. If any match can not be found default route is chosen if exists. You can have just one resource record per prefix or per E.164 entry. Enter a prefix and click "Add Route" button to add a new routing entry. You must edit at least URI entry to commit changes.
  3. Select IP address to be listened on the settings tab. Logging is optional. TekENUM can act as a DNS Proxy for undefined ENUM endpoints as well as unsupported DNS query types. Check if you wish to enable this feature. When this options is enabled TekENUM will forward DNS requests for the undefined endpoints and unsupported DNS queries to DNS servers defined in local machines network configuration. If you save or apply the configurations changes, they take effect immediately.

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