Tekaba System Requirements

  • A Windows system with at least 2048 MBytes of RAM.
  • Microsoft.NET Framework v4.0 Client Profile (Min.)
  • At least one 3G USB modem with audio support.

Installing and Uninstalling

To install Tekaba, extract contents of Tekaba.zip to a temporary directory, run Setup.exe from the distribution. Uninstall previous version if you upgrade from an earlier version
To uninstall Tekaba, double click Tekaba icon at "Add or Remove Programs" from Control Panel.


Please see Installation Manual which can be found in the application directory for configuration details and operation;

  1. Run Tekaba Manager from Start Menu / Program Files / Tekaba. Plug 3G USB modem(s) to your PC. You need to have at least one 3G USB modem with audio support for the operation. You can plug a USB modem either before or after starting Tekaba. Tekaba will recognize the modem and display status of the modem in Ports tab. You can double click on modem enter to enter PIN If PIN entry needed. You need to assign a trunk number first. It is 1 as default. You also need to specify a VoIP route to forward incoming calls to a SIP endpoint. You just need to enter SIP endpoint Id or phone number of the endpoint. You can do these settings by right clicking on the modem entry. Finally you must enable the port for the operation.
  2. Enter gateway settings in Settings / Gateway tab. You do not need to change defaults in most cases.
  3. Enter SIP proxy information in Settings / SIP Proxy tab.
  4. You can specify telephony routes for VoIP to telephony destinations. Tekaba will select best matching route to forward a VoIP call or SIP MESSAGE requests as SMS to a telephony destination. You can specify Source IP Address, Source phone number (Prefix) and Destination phone number (Prefix) and destination trunk. Tekaba will not route VoIP calls and SIP MESSAGE requests as SMS if you do not specify telephony routes. You must enter a specific IP address as Source IP Address; subnet based source IP address definition is not supported. You can enter * to allow all values in Source IP Address, Source Prefix and Destination Prefix parameters.
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