SMPPCli System Requirements

  • A Windows system with at least 2048 MBytes of RAM.
  • Microsoft.NET Framework v4.0 Client Profile(Min.)

Installing and Uninstalling

To install SMPPCli, create a directory, extract to that directory. To uninstall SMPPCli, simply remove the installation directory.


Open a command line prompt and locate SMPPCli's installation directory:
SMPPCli Command Line Parameters

  1. Create SMPPCli.ini in the installation directory. You can place SMPPCli.ini to a directory which is in search path of your environment.
  2. Run SMPPcli from command line with the destination number (C:\SMPPCli>smppcli 02135551122 -u 02125551010 -d -m "This is a test message").
  3. A message indicating result of the SMS send operation will be displayed to the console


You can find SMPPcli.ini parameters below:

    ' Specify SMPP Server address and optionally TCP port. Default port is 2776.
    ' Specify SIP username. Default: 5550000
    ' Specify password. Default is blank.
    ' Specify originator address
    ' Specify SMS text
    TexttoSend=This is a test...
    ' Message locale, choose one of them; German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch,
    ' Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian,
    ' Polish, Unspecified, Czech, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Icelandic, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Pujabi
    ' SMS Encoding. Supported types are
    '  0 SMSC Default Alphabet
    '  1 IA5 (CCITT T.50)/ASCII (ANSI X3.4)
    '  2 Octet unspecified (8-bit binary)
    '  3 Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1)
    '  4 Octet unspecified (8-bit binary)
    '  5 JIS (X 0208-1990)
    '  6 Cyrllic (ISO-8859-5)
    '  7 Latin/Hebrew (ISO-8859-8)
    '  8 UCS2 (ISO/IEC-10646)
    '  9 Pictogram Encoding
    ' 10 ISO-2022-JP (Music Codes)
    ' 13 Extended Kanji JIS(X 0212-1990)
    ' 14 KS C 5601 b
    'System Type, default is SMPP
    'Use message_payload for long messages
    'Set address parameters

You can overwrite ini file parameters using command line switches:

 C:\SMPPCli>smppcli 02135551122 -u 02125551010 -d -m "This is a test message"

Originator address will be set as 02125551010 and message will be sent to SMPP server at TCP port 2775. Command line switches;

 -u : Username
 -p : Password
 -n : Display Name (SMS from)
 -d : SMPPServerAddress:Port
 -s : System Type (Optional, default SMPP)
 -l : Logging [0|1|2|3]
 -r : Receive mode
 -b : Transceiver mode
 -a : Request delivery receipt
 -e : Set SMS encoding (Default = 0, SMSC Default Alphabet)
 -v : Use message_payload for long messages
 -m : Text to send
         Sample : C:\Program Files\smppcli 02135551122 -u 5551010 -m "This is a test message"
      Enter full path of a text file to send its contents as an SMS;
         Sample : C:\Program Files\smppcli 02135551122 -u 5551010 -m "C:\Messages\Test.txt"
Freeware version supports maximum 10 characters in an SMS.
Use following substitutions for control characters in the command line;
 Tab -> %tab%
 Carriage Return -> %cr%
 Line Feed -> %lf%
 Carriage Return + Line Feed -> %crlf%

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