TekSIP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which operating systems are supported?

Windows Vista+, Windows 2008+ Server.

  1. Can I use a RADIUS server to authenticate SIP endpoints?

TekSIP supports RADIUS authentication (http://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-sterman-aaa-sip-00.txt) and accounting.

  1. Is there any limitation on the number of users can be defined on TekSIP?

Freeware version allows maximum 3 endpoints definitions. Freeware version also permits maximum 3 simultaneous of SIP calls. Commercial version has no limit on simultaneous registrations and calls.

  1. Does Logging have a negative impact on TekSIP performance?

Yes, depending on the number of calls made in a specific interval of time logging can cause performance degradation. Use logging just when it's needed.

  1. Where does TekSIP store configuration data?

TekSIP stores configuration data in TekSIP.ini which can be found under application directory.

  1. Does TekSIP allow alphanumeric characters in SIP usernames?

Yes, you can use numeric as well as alphanumeric characters in SIP usernames.

  1. I get "Application could not be initialized (0x0000135) Press OK to quit" error when I try to run TekSIP. What is wrong?

Please check if you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.11 installed. If you don't have it download and install from Microsoft Downloads.

  1. How NAT traversal works on TekSIP?

TekSIP supports NAT traversal between registered endpoints. If your defined route is a SIP UA, NAT traversal will also work.

  1. Manager GUI runs very slowly?

    Some anti virus systems may affect performance of the GUI application, try to add an exception for the GUI application and try again.

  1. Does TekSIP supports hunting?

You can define redirection endpoints while adding SIP endpoints. TekSIP redirects incoming calls to alternative endpoints when called endpoint off-line or busy.

  1. I cannot find TekSIP SP in downloads?

    SP editions features are enabled with a registration key. You can either purchase one through KaplanSoft WebStore or request a trial key.

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