☎️ SipCLI

SipCLI is a command line SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) user agent runs under Windows (Vista, 7/8/10/11, 2008-2022 Server) which enables making SIP (Based on RFC 3261) based calls. You can use SipCLI for broadcast your recorded audio or text message to SIP/PSTN numbers. This is especially useful when an alarm notification is needed to send. Most of network monitoring system supports invoking external executables for event notification. SipCLI can execute a user-defined IVR scenario when remote party answers.


  • Simple, easy to use.
  • You can set source IP interface, SIP port, SIP proxy/port, SIP username and password.
  • You can play built-in or a user specified wave file to remote SIP endpoints.
  • SipCLI can collect user defined number of digits from dialed endpoints.
  • SipCLI can also read a text message specified with -t option. SipCLI uses Microsoft's TTS engine to produce audio from the text.
  • SipCLI supports ENUM (RFC 3761).
  • SipCLI supports automated tasks defined in scenario scripts.
  • Human input detection.
  • You can transfer a successful call to another SIP endpoint (Predictive Dialling).
  • SipCLI can send text messages (SIP MESSAGE). (Commercial edition only).
  • Support for TCP and TLS transports with SRTP. (Commercial edition only).


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